Product Summary

The H5GQ1H24AFR T0C is a 1Gb (32Mx32) GDDR5 SGRAM. It uses a 8n prefetch architecture and DDR interface to achieve high-speed operation. The device can be configured to operate in x32 mode or x16(clamshell) mode.


Absolute maximum ratings: (1)Voltage on Vdd Supply:Relative to Vss:‐0.5V to +2.0V; (2)Voltage on VddQ Supply:Relative to Vss:‐0.5V to +2.0V; (3)Voltage on Vref and Inputs:Relative to Vss:‐0.5V to +2.0V; (4)Voltage on I/O Pins:Relative to Vss:‐0.5V to VddQ +0.5V; (5)Storage Temperature (plastic):‐55℃ to +150℃; (6)Short Circuit Output Current:50mA.


Features: (1)READ/WRITE EDC on/off mode; (2)Programmable EDC hold pattern for CDR; (3)Programmable CRC READ latency = 0 to 3 tCK; (4)Programmable CRC WRITE latency = 7 to 14 tCK; (5)Low Power modes; (6)RDQS mode on EDC pin; (7)Optional on‐chip temperature sensor with read‐out; (8)Auto & self refresh modes; (9)Auto precharge option for each burst access; (10)32ms, auto refresh (8k cycles); (11)Temperature sensor controlled self refresh rate; (12)On‐die termination (ODT); nominal values of 60 ohm and 120 ohm; (13)Pseudo open drain (POD‐15) compatible outputs (40 ohm pulldown, 60 ohm pullup); (14)ODT and output drive strength auto‐calibration with external resistor ZQ pin (120 ohm); (15)x32/x16 mode configuration set at power‐up with EDC pin; (16)Mirror function with MF pin.