Product Summary

The P4M890 is a chipset.


Absolute maximum ratings: (1)Dhrystone ALU MIPS: 4284/7379; (2)Whetstone FPU MFLOPS: 3477/3476; (3)RAM Int Buffered iSSE2 MB/S: 33574/38708; (4)RAM Float Buffered iSSE2 MB/S: 19.16/16.68; (5)3D Mark 2001SE: 2332; (6)3D Mark 2003: 143.


Features: (1)VIA P4M890 North Bridge Chipset; (2)VIA VT8237R Plus South Bridge Chipset; (3)Support FSB Frequency 533MHz / 800 / 1066MHz Memory Socket; (4)240-pin DDRII Module socket x 2; (5)32-bit PCI slot x 2pcs; (6)Integrate IDE and Serial ATA RAID; (7)Support Ultra-AGPII with 2GB/s bandwidth; (8)Built-in programmable 24-bit true-color RAMDAC up to 250MHz pixel clock.