Product Summary

The RU82566MC is a Gigabit Platform LAN Connect.


Absolute maximum ratings: (1)Storage Temperature Range:-65℃ to 140℃; (2)3.3V DC Digital Compatible I/O Voltage:-0.5V to 4.6V; (3)Analog 1.0V DC I/O Voltage:-0.2V to 1.68V; (4)Analog 1.8V DC I/O Voltage:-0.3V to 2.52V; (5)3.3V Periphery Voltage Range -0.5V to 4.6V; (6)1.8V Analog Voltage Range:-0.3V to 2.52V; (7)1.0V DC Core/Analog DC Supply Voltage:-0.2V to 1.68V.


Features:(1)EEE 802.3ab compliant; (2)Robust end to end connections over various cable lengths; (3)Full duplex at 10, 100, or 1000 Mbps and half duplex at 10 or 100 Mbps; (4)IEEE 802.3ab Auto-negotiation with Next Page support; (5)LCI interface for a very low power 10/100 link; (6)81-pin, 1.0 mm pitch, 10 mm x 10 mm FCMMAP (BGA) Package; (7)Clock supplied to MAC:Cost optimized design; (8)Full chip power down:Support for lowest power state.